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This premade book cover #810344 is to be sold once, when the payment is complete the cover will no longer be available for other authors to purchase.
You will receive the cover in your email inbox with the title and the author name you have chosen within 48 hours, as well as the license that gives you the right to use it for publishing your book in any platform.

Cover size: standard 6×9 inches (can be resizing).
Resolution:  300ppi (Pixel Per Inch).

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Why should you choose this premade cover design?

Well, when it comes to the cover design. It is always hard to find the right one.
However, with the provided mrismailben services. This will no longer be a problem.
For instance, we created premade cover design with a variety of professionally made covers. Therefore, facilitating the action of choosing a book cover. For example: this Romance premade book cover #810344 is already designed.

Hours of working time was put into it so that it appears the way it does. if it is to your likings, go ahead make it yours. Else, if you think a few tweaks here and there will make the cover design fit your book better. Or if you even wished to conduct some major changes. All you need to do is to click on make changes. and let our designers take care of it. We will make sure to design it exactly as you imagined it.

Our services do not stop when you receive the cover in your email inbox. We are still providing a resizing service, in case the cover size was denied by publishing sites, such as amazon.

To make sure you promote your book well, we provide other services such as: video promo, teasers, logo designing and others.

If non of the premade Romance covers fit your vision of the book cover you have desired. Go ahead and check out costume your book cover page. we can start designing the cover from a white sheet. And build it up until it becomes the cover you imagined it to be.

When you purchase this premade book cover #810344 you will have all the right to use it for publishing your book.

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Premade book cover #810344